Metropolitan Overlay Coach House Doors*

Coach House Doors

The Overlay Coach House Doors are handcrafted in-house, using only the finest woods to finish off the perfect picture of class and quality and adding a natural tone to the look of your home.
• Custom arch designs are available to suit your garage door frames.
• 1/2” Thermal glass options are available: Clear, Opaque, Tinted.
• Perfect for Staining!

600 Series
The 600 Series of Coach House Doors features a wide variety of designs that show off the intricate detail, texture and multi-tone of the cedar planks. Stain these doors and let their natural beauty shine through!
• Constructed of Flush wood insulated sections with mahogany plywood on the front and back.
• 1×3 and 1×5 Cedar Overlay Designs as per model chart.
700 Series
The 700 Series of Coach House Doors features delicate cedar accent borders on marine-grade plywood. These designs are elegant and simple, but most of all, the two tone wood shines beautifully when stained.
• Constructed of Flush Wood Insulated Sections with Marine-grade Plywood on the front, Mahogany Plywood on the back
• 1 x 5 Accent Border Designs as per model chart.
800 Series
The 800 Series features Mahogany wood molding joined seamlessly over the marine-grade Mahogany door panels. The final product resembles a beautiful handcrafted picture frame.
• Constructed of Flush Wood Insulated sections with Marine-grade Plywood on the front and Mahogany Plywood on the back.
• Mahogany Moulding Overlay designs as per model chart. Custom designs available.
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*(Manufactured by Metropolitan Garage Doors.)