LiftMaster Automatic Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Opener

is an electric automatic device that opens and closes the door with a hand-held transmitter, in-car remote control, wall mounted button or outside wireless digital keypad.
Contrary to popular belief, Automatic Operator does not provide the actual lifting power to open and close a massive Garage Door. The lifting power comes from the counterbalance springs attached to the door. These springs are under tension to lift it via counterbalance steel cables.
Opener only controls how far the door opens and closes.
The Garage Door Opener also holds the door closed in place of a lock, they keep your family safe, your property secure and your life simplified. New MyQ system let you monitor your door from anywhere via your smartphone and let you receive garage door activity alerts.
The Garage Door Opener can be one of three types-chain drive, belt drive or screw drive. Many people are going with the belt drive today, because of it’s smooth and quiet operation. But the chain and screw drive systems are also very popular because it’s most affordable.
Recently another type of Operator, known as JackShaft Residential System, has become very popular.
This Opener consists of a motor that attaches to the side of the torsion rod and moves the Garage Door Up and Down by spinning the rod. This automatic device has an advantage that it is free up ceiling space that an ordinary opener and rail would occupy.
The most popular and reliable brand of Garage Door Openers is LiftMaster® garage door openers. LiftMaster® continue to design products that make home access easier and put you in control of how you come and go.

We are trying to give to our customer’s complete satisfaction with the product we sell, this is why we carry only the most reliable and safe openers  available on the market.

Jack-Shaft Opener

8500 Jack-Shaft

Chain Drive

8165 Chain drive

Garage Door Opener Belt Drive

8355 1/2 HP Belt drive

8550W Wi Fi Belt Drive

8550W Wi Fi Belt Drive



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